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How is it even possible to have such admin like this Tururu, what is the point of the admin, if He don't balance the game, if he don't care for the point, the real point of CS is to plant and defuse, not fraggers like Tururu who only care to kill some noobs, kill and destroy the game but even don't care about it. and WITHOUT hesitation banning people, for example me , who I play in this server recently but have over 2500 kills, I want to ask who give that guy admin to ban people?? Tururu if you read this, I wanna ask you basstard where you see my fucking Wall hack, or you just PISSED OFF because I kill you 3-4 times in a row, your a coward! I really enjoyed to play on this server, but people like this fucking ruin the game

BY SS|StormTrooper

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