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Voteban abuse
Hi. I'm getting a little tired of the voteban abuse. Some user seem to spam voteban just because they feel like, sometimes because you killed them, and they can't understand why (after all they're all mighty and l33t, they can't possibly be killed without cheating).

Today I got votebanned just because I told another player to get out of the shade on the assault_hotel map.

So what is the position of the admins here? Should I just put up with it, and allow a couple of kids to deprive me of my fun, or should I report them?
You're right, Ugh. The shadow part of the hotel is forbidden. You know that I protect frequent players from noobs' votes, but I can not be playing 24 hours. If you see me playing just write me who is disturbing you and I'll give that player gag, so that person can not be able to write and voteban you.


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