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And the abuses don't stop : Report Sweet and Eri
I just entered,and after playing for 20,i saw 2 afk's in ct ( tis and cordobesista) and 2 campers in Terro who NEVER get outside base,only camp on steps in the house in the treshold and 1 in base on the small ramp.
I told sweet about it (who slaps and kicks without reason) and eri comment that i "mollest" him 14 :| (you can't "mollest" through computer) and i didn't even talked to him.

I told him to let me alone,with his "mollestation" .He told me that "i write him on admin chat" so i told him i didin't even know he's admin,i wrote to sweet.I don't care about him."
For that he banned me for 1 hour,for absolutely NO REASON.

It's THEIR JOB TO STAY SPEC and kick and slap afks and campers,but they NEVER do it and COULDN'T CARE LESS.

As it wasn't enough Sweet entered 3 days ago after i was playing for some 2-3 hours and,EXACTLY AFTER ENTERING,FOR NO REASON voted if to kick me .Even though there were aout 25-30 players and most said NO,9 were enough to say yes (without even reading the question) and he kicked me,for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON,30 minutes ago,this IMBECILE banned me for NO REASON.

WHY can't this RETARDED "admins" leave me (and manny others) alone to play ?
All this INFANTIL FUCKS buy admins ONLY so they can abuse people and not get kick and i'm the one getting kicked and banned ?
Ady,Strip this IDIOT AND IMATURE FUCKS of admin and STOP SELLING ADMINS or nobody will play anymore.

Foto 1 : Sweet 24 March 2018 hour 5 : 29 : 08 AM
Foto 2 : Eri      27 March 2018 hour 2 : 41 : 50 AM

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wait for the admin that has given you to kiss the admin that has thrown you to respond to the post with proof of your "insult" or that the manager comes there, they will have to present evidence of your "insult" or have a manager or the owner ah what do you think
basicamente sin amigos...

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